Electrophysiological Signal

  • SAGA

    Our SAGA 32+/64+/128+ is the most advanced and versatile high density amplifier on the market. Recording human electrophysiological signals with quality and ease


    – Use in portable or stationary experiments

    – Low latency, high-quality electrophysiological signals

    – 32 GB of onboard memory space

    – Comes with 32 or 64 unipolar, 4 bipolar, and 9 auxiliary input channels

    – Both 16-bit trigger and 1-bit trigger options

    – Capture full band EEG, EMG, EOG, and ECG characteristics

    – Combine with other sensors, including GSR, 3D accelerometer and oxygen saturation


  • APEX

    Record 24 or 32 channels of high-quality EEG signals effortlessly with a compact and lightweight design. APEX captures full-band EEG characteristics, with an analogue bandwidth DC to 350 Hz. Reference channels can be customized, from all channels (average) to a single channel.


    – Easy To Configure
    – Wearable and Flexible
    – State-of-the-Art Accessories
    – Wide Range of Application
    – Data and Impedance In One
    – Freedom to Create Your Own Application

  • EEG Headcaps

    At TMSi, we have four reliable and easy-to-use solutions to measure EEG signals. Available in all sizes, our headcaps and cEEGrids come with a LEMO multi-connector, shielded cable and Ag/AgCI electrodes.


    – Infinity gel headcap

    – Infinity water headcap

    – Ring electrode headcap

    – Around-the-ear cEEGrids



  • Textile HD-EMG Grids

    Thanks to the flexibility of the used fabric, the electrodes form to the skin perfectly, reducing the probability of movement artifacts due to the rigid material of current HD-EMG grids on the market. This makes it possible to study dynamic movements, such as walking or jumping, improving signal quality and reducing the need for artifact removal.

  • Software

    We offer open source scientific programming software packages for Python and MATLAB to interface to our amplifiers.

    We also offer easy-to-use user applications for recording and viewing signals.