Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

  • MyOnyx

    MyOnyx gives you quick and easy access to a wide variety of modalities, with state-of-the-art advanced features:


    • Electrostimulation: 4 channels of fully customizable powerful stimulation
    • SEMG Surface Electromyography: 2 channels of 2048s/s raw signal. A plethora of feedback types and options: games, music, and animations. Simple or detailed reviewing, editing and reporting features. Measure patient muscle activation efforts, and teach relaxation, activation or fine motor control with the power of Biofeedback
    • ETS (EMG-Triggered Stimulation): state of the art modality allows patients to start a task actively, and be assisted by electrostimulation once reaching a set threshold, thereby rewarding effort with movement and promoting neuroplasticity
  • eVu TPS – Self Regulation Tool

    Applied to a single finger, TPS (Triple Physiology Sensor) detects and transmits three highly-researched measurements of psychophysiological health: HRV, skin conductance and surface temperature.


    Wireless (Bluetooth) medical-grade device for clinical and home use


    Provides three feedback modes – graphical, music and reward points – encouraging users to increase their relaxation response as they follow a breath pacer.