Home Use


    Ideal for the treatment of the scalp (Psoriasis capitis and Alopecia areata) and small skin areas (e.g. armpits, fingernails, skin wrinkles and genital areas)


    Short exposure times due to high UV intensity


    Available with narrowband UVB, broadband UVB or UVA




  • Iontophoresis – Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

    • Clinically proven 98% effectiveness rate
    • Ideal for hands and feet treatment
    • Direct Current (DC) and pulsed current (PC), Selectable
    • Pulsed current for children or sensitive zones e.g. Armpits
    • Anti shock protection
    • CE & FDA approved




  • eVu TPS – Self Regulation Tool

    Applied to a single finger, TPS (Triple Physiology Sensor) detects and transmits three highly-researched measurements of psychophysiological health: HRV, skin conductance and surface temperature.


    Wireless (Bluetooth) medical-grade device for clinical and home use


    Provides three feedback modes – graphical, music and reward points – encouraging users to increase their relaxation response as they follow a breath pacer.